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What clients have said

Working with Cliff was a game-changer for our company. He transformed our early pitch into a compelling visual narrative that played a key role in securing our seed round capital.

Robert Seftel

CEO & Founder, Conduit Health

Cliff is a wildly talented & versatile designer. He's deeply rooted in strategy and has the ability to guide your team through grounding brand work, mood boards, wireframes, all the way to launch. We enjoyed working with Cliff and look forward to engaging him again.

Kate Kim

Founder, RMDY

Collaborating with Cliff was instrumental in elevating our pitch presentation. His expert design touch breathed life into our pitch deck, highlighting the main aspects that assisted in obtaining funding.

Jake Johnson

Founder, JaJo

Working with Cliff was a brilliant decision for our team. His innovative exploration technique uncovered a whole new channel of growth and increased our conversion rate in just a few months.

Tamaron Williams

CMO, Selson Health

Cliff enabled our team to focus more on the business fully knowing that our message would be visually depcited in a way that would captivate any audience. It was arelief to have Cliff on our side.

Michael Steer

COO, Regal Today

Working alongside Cliff was an absolute joy. He's found the right balance between playful and professional all while producing incredible work. His ability to lighten the mood while creating impressive work made him a joy to work with.

Alicia Porter

Head of Marketing, Hya Auto

Cliff spearheaded our visual storytelling which was apivotal decision for our brand. His ability to craft a compelling narrative not only engaged our audience but also added depth and reasoning into our brand.

Danielle Turner

Head of Product, Mersi

Teaming up with Cliff was like adding a dose of magic to our team. He turned a digital journey into an adventure, with users clicking, swiping and smiling all the way through our app. Working with Cliff was a blast and we look forward to working with him again soon.

Alex Nell

CTO, AB Care

Cliff's creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to our product surpassed our expectations. He helped bring our idea into a real product that now leaves a lasting impression on our users.

Alexa Rey

Founder, Linen Care

What We Do

Designing Digital Tools Focused on Story Telling

Whether it be customers wanting to connect with your brand, investors looking for a spark to fund your idea, or a company wanting their users to be more efficient, a story for why starts the whole process.

App & Web Design

We create mobile apps and web products with great conversion, low cost of maintenance and consistent user experience.


We create visual identities and develop brand strategies for individuals, startups and large companies around the world.

MVP Creation

We work with you and your team to develop your MVP from early concept through to finished product, testing to validate and receive funding.

Pitch & Sales Decks

We leverage your team’s product and story to excite investors with an idea and vision they will love.

Designing Digital Tools That Tell Stories

You've got a story, let's make sure it's told right.

App Design

Creating mobile apps with great conversion, low cost of maintenance and consistent user experience.


Visualizing your brand and developing strategies for individuals, startups and large companies around the world.

Pitch Decks

Leveraging your team’s product and progress through story to excite investors with an idea and vision they will love.

Web Design

Utilizing your branding and marketplace strategy to be positioned above your competitive landscape.

Have a Story? Let’s Tell It.

Founders / Start Ups

In the startup world, failing fast makes all the difference. Let's get it out there for the world to validate.

Small Businesses

As business scales so do expectations from your customers. Together we can surpass those expectations.


Efficiency and achieving milestones is the name of the game. Let's explore to find areas of opportunity.

The Stories
We've Told,
So Far...

Coaching Clients to New Heights

A site redesign to match the growth of a quickly scaling coaching business.

Reintroducing an Old Classic

The inventor of the cowboy boots is back for another ride, with a new look.
Boots Design

Protecting Kids With Food Allergies

A digital card informing care takers of the allergies of kids when in their care.
Allergies Design

Connecting Black Women & Doulas

A network for Doulas to create safer births.
Doulas Design
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